What's new

Substation Design Suite™ V7 for AutoCAD Electrical

Extends the capabilities of AutoCAD Electrical for Substation Design

Here's What's New in V7!

Manage display of "Add" and "Remove" wiring on schematics or elementaries. Example shown below is to change to two separate protection relay inputs for two incoming signals..

Wiring connection changes, additions, and deletions can be sensed, displayed, surfed, and reported in the smart SDS wiring diagrams. This example shows how a change in two test switch assignments on the schematic / elementary drawing is detected and displayed in the wiring diagram using the AuditWD tool.

Insert W/D terminal strip with various options, compatible with the SDS_ANNO auto-annotation tool. Each terminal inserted is a separate, stand-alone terminal symbol. The "strip" is just an array of contiguously inserted terminal symbols.

Insert predefined wiring circuit to "Ground out" 1-line or 3-line groups of CTs.

Annotate schematic CT with terminal pin number per selected CT max and ratio selection.
Highlight the wire network tied to the user's picked schematic wire segment.
Checks wiring integrity of picked schematic CT or PT - single ground, continuous wiring, appropriate input.
Provides project-wide display of component PINLIST "in use" and "available" status.
Wiring diagram annotation can be set to specially mark annotation that appears to be a "jumper" (See WD Annotation - full symbol command). User can then use a special "Jumper" tool to replace a pair of "jumpered" terminal pins with a jumper symbol.
Dynamically displays key information about wires, terminals, cable markers and components as user cursors over the schematics or wiring diagrams.