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Substation Design Suite™ V7 for Autodesk Inventor

Extends the capabilities of Autodesk Inventor for Substation Design

Here's What's New in V7!

Bare Conductors

Changed the formula for applying sag, from sag of point-to-point line to sag from "free form" curve.

Separated cables (by type, ACSR, etc) in the cable type dropdown. Controlled by a new above grade setting.

Added an "Update All Cables" option. New button, under current Update button

Changed the bare cable functionality to re-use the same file when updating or editing cables.

Created tool to create a Catenary cable from a series of fittings that are automatically assembled to lie along the catenary cable curve, from workpoint to workpoint.

Grounding Tools

Extended the ground lead creation functions so it works for Fence ground leads too.

Added an option for single Hole Grounding fittings.

Part of the new options above.

Conduit Tools

Added the ability to follow a 3d-sketch for a conduit run for runs going under a trench or roadway.

Added the option to handle user-generated or imported conduit runs as generic SDS conduit runs.

Trench Tools

Added additional options for sizing pre-fab Trench T, X, L and straights.

Raster & Drawings

Added additional raster tools for Inventor. These only appear when editing a part sketch. The intended use is to import a raster image of a plan view, scale and "straighten" the view to full size, then use that as a guide to place equipment.

Additional drawing tools for Inventor.

Other Enhancements

Specifying folder locations for auto-generated parts. For instance, all generated bare cable files are saved to /Cables, conduits go to /Conduits, etc. for all auto-gen parts.

Added IEEE Corona Calculation tools.

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