Substation Design Suite™ V7 for Inventor

The latest release of the Inventor tools you need for your Substation projects.

Full suite of tools

Substation Design Suite™ adds powerful design tools directly to Inventor and makes them available in standard Ribbon menus.

From generating a ground grid to running bare cables, all tools reduce the amount of picks and clicks required to design and construct a substation.

Powerful Configuration Capabilties

Substation Design Suite™ comes standard with several tools that allow you to configure hardware selections like fittings and clamps to your own standards.

Build out several standard configurations for various regions or engineering firms can create separate configurations for each customer.

With the built in ability to add your own hardware and configure things like clearance values, iProperties and fitting classes, SBS Substation Design is the most comprehensive solution for SBS products on the market today.

Online Training

Every user receives a login to the Substation Design Suite™ site and can access our basic training and help documentation.

This documentation covers every tool in the suite as well as some standard uses of Autodesk products related to Substation Design work.

Substation Content Library

Hosted on Amazon web services, our Substation Content library is made available to users directly inside of Autodesk tools.

Use our content to build your own library or leverage the many vendor parts we already have built.

Leveraging our content library removes significant modeling time often associated with building a new 3D station and helps kick start efforts to generate new models.

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What's New in V7

We have made significant enhancements to the existing design tools and added several new features that will further automate substation design workflows in Inventor.

Get details on what's new here What's New for SDS V7 on Inventor

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Substation Design Suite™ V7 for AutoCAD Electrical

Extends the capabilities of AutoCAD Electrical for Substation Design

Suite of Tools

Substation Design Suite™ tools add seamlessly to the AutoCAD Electrical ribbon menus and provide all tools at a click of an icon.

From editing relays to tracking pin lists to working with Raster designs, the suite covers a list of functions specifically built for Substation Designers.

Legacy Conversion

All brownfield projects require the re-use or updating of existing AutoCAD or DWG files so we've built powerful tools to not only help with updating drawings, but updating an entire library of AutoCAD blocks and drawings to AutoCAD Electrical intelligent drawings.

Choose an entire directory of AutoCAD blocks and convert them to AutoCAD electrical symbols. Our tools will prompt your for inputs along the way and make the task easier.

If modifying drawings as project work comes along is more the plan, our tools can be used on specific drawings to build intelligence to project files as you go.

Substation Specific

Every tool in the suite is designed with Substation work at it's core and comes with an enhanced content library of symbols designed specifically for Substation work.

Build a one-line schematic that associates a three line schematic. Build smart panels and connection lists. It's all there.

Substation Editor

Editing a full set of protection and controls drawings for an entire Substation can be tedious work so we've helped out.

Our new station wide editor allows users to track, find and modify an attributes specific to Substation Components including SEL relays.

What's new in V7

There has been a ton of new development done to both enhance and add new functionality to our SDS V7 tools for ACADE.

Get details on what's new here: What's new for SDS V7 on ACADE

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